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singapore photo booth

There are a vast array of booths out there. Choose one that fits your atmosphere. Some are flashy, while others blend into your room. Depending upon other focal points of your reception room, decide whether you want the party photobooth to stand out or blend-in.

The sky is the limit for the ideas on props. If you are going to collect the props start planning very early. If you can't find time to collect or buy them you should look for a strobe light photography that provides you with the accessories.


Not unlike the big picture frame idea is the ir photography wedding photo guest book. Engagement and romantic pictures of the newlyweds are put into book form in such a way that folks can write their names and best wishes around them. A more original idea would be to use your guest's pictures instead of your own! To do this, you'll need an instant camera and a person to take the shot. These are put in a book for your friends and family to sign right next to them. Some weddings have a wedding photo booth, singapore photobooth usually with funny hats and toys, and using these snapshots for the wedding guest book is tons of fun.

Fourth. Photo strips are the ultimate souvenirs for your guests to take home from your wedding. How many party favors end up on the refrigerators of guests. That's a very special party favor!

Standard what is event photography will print your photos on-site. How will you get your shots after the event? Don't wait a week for your image CD to come through the mail. You should get your photos on a USB flash drive after the event. This will prevent you from going through the company for future prints.

"The graphics on this thing are wonderful," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who made a surprise appearance at the Wednesday event despite being on medical leave.